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Jackson County portion

In the first eight months of 2013, it issued 213 permits in the Jackson County portion of the city; this year it 184. And Independence continues to slow. Last year it was at 49 permits; this year it at 34.. This is why health care costs for my patients are skyrocketing. The regulation first approach is reflected in their higher premiums, higher deductibles and higher co pays. It’s also reflected in the smaller network and fewer options available in most plans.

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However, both methods cost the Earth and are extremely unreliable and unstable as well. After all, it is not easy to create, let alone harness, heat and energies comparable to those that power the sun.Mr. Seife concludes, decades of research, the goal of fusion energy had become 10 years more distant.

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Christian Match Making Finding Your Mate With Low Risk Faster Than You Expect By Someone Who Did!

Christian Match-Making: Finding Your Mate with Low Risk Faster than You Expect by Someone Who Did!

When my wife died from a prescription drug I wanted to remarry and I joined They offer a free two week introduction and reasonable price. They have excellent computer search capacity so one can find others of like faith.
The Bible says to be not unequally yoked with unbelievers. The more you believe and think alike, the better it is and it is also well to know that the Bible puts the man in the role of pursuer and the woman should respond wisely. If young with living parents who are Christians, it may be well for her parents to meet the young man before any serious commitment is made, but first I want to explain a problem that involves the highest risk.
A pastor was asked to marry a couple, but the girl’s parents did not want them to marry. “He is not right for our daughter—please help us,” they appealed to the pastor. He met with them and said he would marry them on one condition. They must spend a week and visit each night. They could talk about anything they wanted to talk about, but NO hugging or kissing. They agreed.
A couple days later the girl called and said, “He is the biggest bore I have ever met in my life!” She had been confused by the show of affection and thought she loved him. Lots of people think because they enjoy the showing of affection that they have love as the basis of a marriage, but it is only the frosting on the cake, and all frosting can make one sick!
The other example from Focus on the Family radio is how first century marriages were arranged. subway surfers cheats ios A man and his son would visit another home of a man and his daughter. The men would talk about the price of the dowry, and the young couple might be talking for the first time.
They probably talked about everything—work, money, family, sex, religious views, children, relatives, etc. If both conversations were agreeable, the father would pour his son a cup of grape juice and he would offer it to the young lady saying, This is my blood—I would shed it for you. If she accepted and drank from it, this was an official acceptance of marriage. He would return home to build a room onto his father’s house and she would sew and get ready for when he would come for the wedding.
This model occurred to me in the context of my own desire to marry soon after my former wife died, and as I read Christ’s wedding parable in Luke 12:36, we are to be ready, that “when He comes and knocks, [we] may open unto Him immediately.” If He is going to accept us that way, we should be willing to accept others on the same basis, considering that we have been honest in discussion, wise click this game website in our questions, and willing to give more than we receive in a mutual relationship.
The fact is that each person brings to the marriage some things that are unique and that meet the needs of the other, and if we understand that it is more blessed to give than to receive, it can work well for any Christian couple. Christ on the throne in the heart of the man will not war against Christ in the life of his wife.
Wife = life with a few extra turns!
It’s moviestarplanet cheats tool been almost 7 years since I flew from Washington DC to Phoenix to meet someone with whom I had talked by email and phone for two to three weeks and we married two days later. The wedding was the first kiss, but not the last! I’m happily married and believe God led in the selection after several other women did not want to get married that way—they wanted me to move where they lived and get acquainted, etc.
I believe the Holy Spirit led and I’m fully as happy as in the previous marriage and this is an introduction to an ebook that has a great chapter on the wedding parables which tell us how “He will make [us] ruler over all that He has” if we meet conditions that aren’t difficult, but we just haven’t considered or studied them—please give it a look as explained in The Alpha & Omega Bible Code that has a last chapter on the wedding parables…

Christians Sadly Often Live Like The Old Testament Was Better Than Our Better New Testament

Christians Sadly Often Live Like the Old Testament Was Better Than Our Better New Testament

Hebrews 9:6-7 says that the priest went into the Holy of Holies once a YEAR for the sins of the people, taking the blood of animals to spread on the mercy seat to appease God. Today, the way most Christians live, the blood of Jesus is so insufficient that it doesn’t even deal with our sins for a single DAY.

As I said last time, even Catholics governed by the rules of their church have it better than most protestant Christians do. They only confess sin once a week, while we confess our sins once a day. We live like the Old Testament was better than our better New Testament. God sees this as living in unbelief.


Hebrews 9:9 says taht sacrifice under the law (which includes confession of sin) can’t bring us into the state of gospel perfection (Heb 6:2, 12:23), because our conscience is adversely affected. Regular thoughts of sin adversely affects my relationship and fellowship with God. Paul says it is thoughts of ‘wicked works’ (i.e., sin) that make us think we are enemies of God (Col 1:21).

Abba Father doesn’t want us living life feeling like we are his enemies. He wants us to live knowing we are ONE with him (which was the main message in what I call ‘the dying declaration of Jesus found in John chapters 13-17).

We only live right with God if we fellowship in gospel truth (Phil 1:5).


Our better New Covenant gospel should erase our consciousness of sin (Heb csr racing 2 hack hack cheats 10:2). This is because we know that Jesus came to put sin away (Heb 9:26, and to become sin for us (II Cor 5:21). The law that was against us and that convicted us of sin was crucified with him on the cross (Col 2:14). Even the 10 commandments written in stone were done away with and abolished (II Cor 3:7).

God wants our conscience clear so we can fully relate to him.

This all happened on the cross, the day of reformation (Heb 9:10). Reformation didn’t occur with Martin Luther. It occurred on the cross of Jesus.

Hebrews 9:14 says that Jesus purges our conscience from dead works, which is living in the flesh by means of law that produces sin (Rom 7:14). Whenever we live by law we will experience sin-consciousness because no one ever gets it right (Acts 15:10).

You can’t be sin conscious and have a good conscience at the same time.


This thought scares a lot of people because they think it means we should be perfect in our thoughts, words and deeds. But what the gospel means by perfection is a state of condition that exists because we are in Jesus. “As Jesus is, so are we in this world” (I John 4:17). It doesn’t mean we live totally sinless lives.

When Hebrews 6:1 talks about ‘going on into perfection,’ it doesn’t mean that we suddenly live life perfectly. It means that we live by means of the power of the gospel because our faith is in Christ’s finished work (Heb 4:2). The entire book of Hebrews builds on the progressive revelation of gospel truth more than any other Bible book.


What Hebrews shows us is the 10,000 mile gulf between the Old Testament and the New, and how the New is so very much better (Heb 11:39-40, et seq). Then Romans converts this practically into our righteousness in Christ, which is revealed by gospel truth (Rom 1:16-17, et seq).

What we must come to see is that our transgressions (our sins) were covet fashion hack tool under the FIRST Testament, or the testament of the law (Heb 9:15). Sin as we think of it has been done away with in the NEW Testament. Jesus ‘put away sin’ on his cross (Heb 9:26).


If we experience sin-consciousness we live Old Testament lives. Thus Paul calls the Old Testament ‘the ministry of death and condemnation’ (II Cor 3:7, 9). He alludes to the New Testament as being the ministry of righteousness (II click this game website Cor 3:9), and he says that we should ONLY ministery the New Testament.

Mixing the Old and New Testaments is like mixing the blood of animals with the blood of Jesus. No matter what your theological persuasion is, you know this isn’t something we should do.

If you just READ Hebrews seriously you see these things.


This is the way we read I John 1:9: the ONLY verse in the New Testament that talks about confessing our sins to God. Actually, John’s first chapter was written more to unbelievers than to believers. He didn’t really start writing to believers until chapter 2: “My little children…”

Besides, if I John 1:9 is addressed to Christians constantly confessing their sins to God, then I John 1:7 has NO meaning: “If we are in the light, the blood of Jesus cleanses us from ALL SIN.”

If you compare I John 1:9 with I John 3:9, then the apostle John was schizophrenic. This verse says (in the KJV): “Whoever is born of God does NOT commit sin, for (God’s) seed remians in him, and he CANNOT sin because he is born of God.”

If John was talking about our ACTIONS, he was delusional. We all know we commit sin in the flesh. We all know we’ll die with sin in us. This is why we need the finished work of Jesus. John was talking about our ‘state of being’ in Christ.


I spoke of this earlier: God FORGETS our sin (Heb 8:12, 10:17).

If we are ONE with God, we should forget our sin too. “We should have no more consciousness of sin” (Heb 10:2). We should pray, “Thank you, Lord, that you forgive my sin because you have taken my sin from me and there is no sin to forgive.

We go to God saying, “Lord, I know I’ve come to you 100 times about this problem…” But Abba Father interrupts us and says, “Wait! I see nothing about you coming to me about this before. I have no record of it. Now, tell me what’s on your heart?”

If we go to God 1000 times, he says the very same thing.

We must see the truth of the New Testament gospel in order to live in oneness with God, and unbroken fellowship with him. The next article will describe this in even more detail. If you miss any article, you’ll find it on my website blog mentioned below.

Christmas Gifts For Your Co Workers And Colleagues

Christmas gifts for your co-workers and colleagues

With Christmas round the corner the jingles resonate and one hears Christmas carols. The Sweet aroma of the Christmas delicacies fills the air and meetings and greetings happen everywhere. With all the Christmas revelry a major ritual is giving gifts to all those who matter and all those who are a part of our lives, Christmas gifts are not just for the loved ones, one has to buy them for colleagues, employees, business partners, clients and seniors and the bosses. It helps build up better business relations and also marks the importance of the official acquaintances.
The Christmas gifts for your colleagues, co-workers or the office staff can be according to the professions of those people. A pen holder, or a card holder, any car accessories even coffee mugs can be great. For business associates who travel frequently will love to receive traveller’s gifts like the neck support pillows with speakers or even a table top air hockey for some recreation during hectic office schedules. If the recipient is a real important man or a client of yours, one can give a Christmas gift to strengthen the business ties. When the client gets special importance and appreciation in form of these presents it help in maintaining good business relations. Gifts like iPhone, digital cameras or other such useful gadgets depending on who the client is and what business he is into.
Thus Christmas gifts share our website not only build better clients but also give a chance to appreciate all those who are related to you on the work front. One earns a living only because of the support of all, be it the smallest layman in company or a company CEO and appreciating their efforts and their contribution is a great thing to do and share this site share more details there can be no better way of celebrating Christmas than appreciating and thanking your co workers and clients and staff and the bosses for their help, support and contribution throughout the year. And yes if someone’s giving you a tough time in office a Christmas gift might bring in a change of heart and it won’t be the same for the next coming years. So splurge on Christmas gifts and give them whole heartedly feeling the love and keeping up to the spirit of Christmas. There is joy in gifting and Christmas helps you experience just that.

Christmas Games To Play At A Party

Christmas Games to Play at a Party

During Christmas, it’s evident that many people host parties in their homes. Whether it’s for adults, kids, or both, you need to have fun games for everyone. So if you are planning on hosting a party in the next two days, then we’ve got some awesome ideas.

Caroling All Night

Many times, parents want their kids to play games that also have an element of religion in it. This way, the kids can learn more about Christmas and its history. There may be some carols that your kids love to sing. What you have to do is start singing the carols, and leave out couple of lines from the middle. Let’s see if they can figure out what those words or lines are. You can also divide the kids into groups so that they can all play together.

Guess Which Cartoon?

We all know this that keeping kids in one place while playing a game is next to impossible. However, there are few games that you can engage them in. One of these games is guessing what cartoon or cartoon character it is. Have them all sit in a circle or at the dining table. Now, you will say, “I have 2 big ears”, or “My name begins with the letter ‘M'”. The kids will have to ask you a series of questions so they can find out more about which cartoon covet fashion hack tool or cartoon character you are talking about. This will share our website keep them guessing, and also make them stay in one place.

Get to Know Me

Have everyone sit in a circle except for 1 person. He/she will stand in the middle of the circle and once the game begins, he/she will point at one person. Whoever it is, he/she has to come up with one quirky, silly habit, hobby, like, or dislike. A slight variation to the Pictionary game. The entire game rules are similar to the original game. Here, as people are divided into groups, if during the game, if a team cannot identify the image, they will have to take a shot of whiskey, tequila, vodka, or some other drink. This way, you all can play and drink at the same time. Just make sure that people don’t purposely lose so they have the shot.

More games played means tons of fun for your guests click more details and yourself. So spend the night with these entertaining games for kids and adults. Until next time, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!