Jenny Lost a Lot of Weight

In fact I helped her out a little, the two of us would wake up early before we went to work and we would be at it for an hour or an hour and a half. That was pretty tough and I lost a bit of interest in it once I had gotten down to where I wanted to be. In fact I really have gained back some of the weight and I am going to have to start over. She went to this place called Balcone Dermatology ( ) and they sort of finished off the job a little for her. I suppose that a lot of people know this, that often when you lose a lot of weight the visual effect is a bit disappointing. That is to say that you do not get a really tone and fit when you stand in front of the mirror without a shirt on.

At any rate this place offers this stuff called coolsculpting, which I had not really heard about. However it really seems like it might be a great idea. It probably does not do too much to make you actually lose any weight, but they put this machine on your sides ( of your abdominal region), then the machine is supposed to freeze the fat that you have there. It apparently really makes you appear thinner, which I suppose is what people like me are really interested in. I would not care too much about being overweight if I did not look like I were. It is obviously not that healthy to be too big, but I really just care too much about it if it did not look as though I was. That seems a bit crazy even it comes out of my own mouth in my head.