Phoenix wright ace attorney mia fey

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The name of the victim had been Mimi Miney. Ini did not yet have a license and so only Mimi could have been the one driving that night.

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Wright's subsequent investigation proved that Zeh'lot's name was a pseudonym for "Rheel Neh'mu", a member of the Khura'inese secret police tasked with hunting down, arresting, and killing members of the rebel group known as the " Defiant Dragons ". Von Karma was still in disbelief, but Ini spoke up. To do this, he presented to the court the key that Pearl had given him; it was the key to the channeling chamber and, more importantly, it was a one of a kind key that had been used by Maya to lock the door before the channeling had started; it should have been found in her possession when she had been arrested.

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